An Inexpensive Get Away: Camping and Hiking

Camping and hiking are two activities that are almost always available no matter where a person might live. There are usually state parks, rivers, open plains, mountains, forests or other natural environments that are located just outside of cities and towns where an individual can get away from it all and enjoy nature, whether it is for an afternoon, for a weekend, or even a week long excursion. Planning for a hiking versus a camping trip is much simpler, only requiring the right sort of clothing and shoes are chosen according to the weather and terrain. Camping trips require more planning, including the decision to use an RV, camp out of the back of a car, or to hike into the campsite carrying everything in the backpack.

Things to Bring

Camping and hiking gear have many similar requirements, since hiking is a part of backpacking types of camping trips. Camping and hiking clothing should match the time of year and also the terrain where the trip will be taken, since going up into the mountains will make the weather cooler, requiring additional clothing needs. Clothing should always be comfortable with soft materials that will not cause chaffing. In addition, the material should wick the water away from the skin which helps to keep the individual warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. It is always important to keep the feet dry, so extra socks are essential to camping and hiking gear.

Tent and sleeping gear are also important for camping hiking trips. The choice in this gear determines the weight that will be carried in the backpack, so special attention should be paid to this equipment. Backpackers usually choose two man tents even if they are going alone since they provide more room for gear to be stored in the tent while sleeping comfortably as well. Sleeping bags should be chosen according to the coldest weather that the backpacker thinks he will experience, since they are rated for those temperatures.

Camping and hiking gear, whether or not the person is going to stay overnight, will also require some cooking gear, even if it is as simple as packing a lunch. There are many different types of cook stoves on the market that use different types of fuel and work in all temperatures. The choice in stove depends on the climate for the hiking and camping trip as well as the weight and size limitations of the pack. The cooking utensils should all nest within each other so that packing is more efficient. Water purifiers should be bought so that water does not have to be packed in, adding too much weight to the pack.