Coastal Hiking Trip: Italy’s Amalfi Coast Beckons The Intrepid Hiker

Most Americans prefer enjoying a coastal hiking trip in their own country though for the more adventurous hikers there are many international destinations worth checking out as well. Europe offers much excitement, especially around the entire Mediterranean Sea. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about hiking in Europe is visiting the Alps in the height of winter. However, Europe certainly has a lot more to offer and so, learning about where you can enjoy coastal hiking trips in that part of the world is sure to throw up some very interesting opportunities.

Make Furore Your Base

If you have never heard of the Amalfi Coast – now is the time to find out more about this excellent coastal hiking trip destination in Italy. Places such as Furore can provide you with a very unique experience and it is recommended starting your coastal hiking trip from here. It has an excellent sixteenth century restored monastery where you can spend your first night and also make it your base for further coastal hiking trips to other parts of the Amalfi Coast.

You can then include in your coastal hiking trip a hike to the musical city known as Ravello that owes its fame because of its association with the famous musician Wagner. Now, you will be really rearing to continue your coastal hiking trip and so you will then need to head for the well-known Land’s End Walk. Of course, you will need to board a bus and travel to the starting point of your walk which should see you hiking to some excellent places including Punta Campanella as too Baia di Larento.

You will also get to cross the Gulf of Salerno and visit Gulf of Naples. If nature is what matters most to you, then this place will fulfill all your dreams as you will get your fill of high and deep cliffs that are imposing and which blend well with the general relaxed way of life of the inhabitants of these places.

This coastal hiking trip will also take you to the well-known Ruins of Pompeii though you will only reach there by taking a train from Furore. However, you will really get to enjoy this coastal hiking trip when you take the renowned walks of the entire Amalfi area, which also includes the Walk of the Gods.

You can complete this great hiking trip by paying a visit to Grotto Di’smeraldo which may not be as appealing as the Walk of the Gods but it does give you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the vineyards as too the lovely olive groves. There are many exciting hiking opportunities available and they all start from Furore which is why it is a good idea to set up base there and then explores the rest of this coastal area at your leisure.