What to Buy at Discount Hiking Backpack Stores

In order to get the most out of a discount hiking backpack store, a hiker needs to know what types of backpacks are on the market and what type of backpacks he needs in order to decide what backpacks would be the best deal at a discount hiking backpack store. The more expensive backpacks are the camping backpacks which are mid-weight and also the expedition packs. In addition, waterproof packs are usually more expensive than regular packs, so finding these at a discount hiking backpack store would be a great find, although less expensive packs, like kids hiking backpacks can also be found there.

Waterproof Packs

The most common waterproof hiking backpacks that can be found at discount hiking backpack stores are class one packs which are actually only water resistant. Class one packs can withstand water as long as it is only sprinkles on the pack from a light rain or splashes from a river or other water source.

The next level of waterproof hiking backpacks that are usually more expensive as well are the class two packs, which would be a great find at a discount hiking backpack store. This type of pack is able to withstand a heavy flow of water to the top of the pack, like from heavy rain or a light waterfall. This type of pack cannot withstand submersion, however, although it can usually handle a brief dunk in the water.

Getting into the more expensive of the waterproof packs, but also the most useful for those who are the more adventurous backpackers, crossing rivers and streams with their packs, the class three waterproof hiking backpacks can float across these waters without allowing any water into the backpack. They can be quite pricey and finding one at a discount hiking backpack store during the off season, such as the wintertime, is one of the better times to look for one.

The next level of waterproof backpack is a class four, which is often used by hikers who also snorkel and by white water raft enthusiasts. These are costly because they can handle being submerged up to three feet under the water without damage, so they can be worn in the water and can also survive a white water raft tipping over, keeping all supplies dry inside of it. It is difficult to find these at a discount hiking backpack store because they are a more specialized pack that is not used by as many hikers and campers. Class five packs are even rarer, which can go up to twelve feet under the water, making them great packs for search and rescue teams.