Choosing Wisely: Hiking Backpack Review

There are different types of backpacks on the market today that are specially designed to fit different body types as well as different hiking and camping needs, such as carrying specialized supplies as well as waterproofing. Many experienced backpackers have several packs so that they are ready for every camping situation they might be in. Novice backpackers often need to read hiking backpack reviews to determine what type of backpack might be the best for them to use. However, written reviews alone might not be enough to make this determination and renting or borrowing backpacks from family, friends or outdoor equipment stores may help them make a better hiking backpack review from experience without making a purchase until they are informed.

Types of Backpacks

Hiking backpack reviews can not only provide information on the different types of packs, but will also share information on where to find the best deals on the packs, such as going to discount hiking backpack stores. The trick is to know what type of backpack is needed before going to one of these stores.

The smallest type of backpack mentioned in hiking backpack reviews is the hip pack, which is actually not a full backpack at all. A hip pack is used to pack small amounts of supplies and water bottles for day hikes and does not have shoulder straps. Instead it just has a hip belt that holds the pack closely to the spine so that the weight is carried on the hips rather than the back. These packs usually do not have a capacity larger than ten liters.

The next size of a backpack in hiking backpack reviews is a day pack which usually carries between ten to thirty-five liters. These packs usually do not have many straps or tie-ons available for carrying much camping gear since that is usually not their purpose. These packs can be waterproofed so that they can carry delicate equipment on these day hikes, such as cameras or books without fear of this equipment getting damaged by water.

A true camping backpack mentioned in hiking backpack reviews is one that has a capacity of thirty-five to seventy liters. These packs are designed to carry all the camping supplies that a hiker might need on a trip. They have many tie-ons and straps so that supplies can be tied to the outside of the pack as well as having many different pockets on the inside for smaller material that needs to be easily accessible to the hiker.