Planning Ahead to Have the Best Camping and Hiking Trip

Walking along a camping and hiking trail is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, providing exercise which invigorates the body, and a peaceful state of mind, being in a beautiful natural environment. In order to have the best camping or hiking trip possible, individuals should plan ahead so that they have all of the clothing and supplies required according to the length of the trip, the number of people going, the terrain the will be experienced and the time of year for weather considerations.


When planning for the best camping and hiking trip, there are certain supplies that are needed. If the trip is only a day trip or even just a short hike in the woods for a couple of hours, then there is much less to plan for than longer excursions. For day trips, the main concerns are the clothing and shoes to wear and possibly what meal supplies to take if there will be one during the course of the trip. In order to have the best camping and hiking trip possible, not matter what the length, the clothing must be comfortable to move in, which means the material should be soft so that there is not chaffing. In addition, the material should also wick the water away from the skin so that the person stays dry and either warm or cool, depending on the situation.

If the weather is warmer, then there are fewer clothes that are needed, but extra socks are always of value since the feet need to stay dry. In addition, a clothesline comes in handy, one that can be stretched between two trees, so that towels can be dried as well as any wet clothing on longer trips. A dirty clothes bag also comes in handy since clothing often gets muddy or wet, allowing the individual to keep those clothes away from the dry ones in the backpack, thus helping to have the best camping and hiking trip possible.

The best camping and hiking trip also requires that the feet be comfortable, since they are the things carrying the weight throughout the trip. For shorter trips, hiking shoes can suffice, since there is less weight to be carried for a lesser amount of time. This is also fine for hikes through mild weather and terrain, since less support and water proofing are required of the shoes. If the trip is going to take place in rough weather and terrain, then a sturdy, comfortable, water-proofed boot is the preferred option in order to have the best camping and hiking trip possible.