Planning Ahead: Camping and Hiking Gear

When planning to go on a camping trip where everything will be packed into a backpack to be carried during the course of the trip, there are specific camping and hiking gear requirements that will make the trip more enjoyable for everyone involved. If there is too much camping and hiking equipment carried on the back, then the backpack gets cumbersome, with too much weight pressing down on the shoulders and hips. In addition, if the backpack is not fitted correctly, then the weight of the pack might be resting on the person's back instead of hips, causing back pain and possible injury.

What to Bring

Lightweight camping and hiking gear is the best way to go for overall enjoyment, since the backpack only weighs about twenty pounds with the core gear in this type of camping. Although it is a more Spartan way to camp, leaving some of the luxuries at home, the hiking part of the trip is more enjoyable so that when the camping spot is reached, the person is less exhausted and sore, able to enjoy the time camping and not dreading the return trip.

The backpack is one of the most essential items in camping and hiking gear since it is what must be carried the duration of the trip and has to be able to carry all of the supplies needed for the trip. A backpack should be chosen for the type of trip being taken, with smaller, lighter packs working just fine for day hikes, but larger packs with many straps and pockets being necessary for longer camping trips, possibly requiring a metal frame for support. Any backpack should be fitted to the person who will be carrying it and should not be bought until adjusted in the store to see if the shoulder straps fit comfortably and snugly and the belt allows the pack to rest firmly on the hips, distributing the weight of the pack there instead of on the back.

Another essential piece of equipment in camping and hiking gear is the tent. Most campers choose two man tents even if they are going to sleep alone since they are not much heavier than one person tents yet supply more room for comfort sleeping, even with supplies. When a tent is chosen, the individual is wise to see if the rain fly comes all the way down to the ground, since that is the only way to ensure protection from the elements even in high winds. Another lightweight camping and hiking gear requirement for the tent is that it is as lightweight as possible and also compact, making it easy to pack in addition to not adding more than a couple pounds to the load if possible.